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Very youngest preteens

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Related post: Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 11:18:43 +0000 From: G Cutter Subject: REECE AND DEWEY - 2WARNING: This story is homoerotic in content. This means that it may and probably will involve male preteen bar models on male sex of various ages. Also note that my characters do not wear condoms and that is because they are FICTIONAL. The author recommends 'safe' sex in real life. You must be above the Age of Consent in your particular area of the planet to read this sort of stuff and you should NEVER allow minors access but you knew that anyway.These are stories of boys, youth and young men and once again they are FICTIONAL. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is PURELY COINCIDENTAL.Another point: I like to write on behalf of the boys but you must realise if they sound a bit smartarse and over world weary at times that is me coming through. If they sound as thick as a plank... that's them.MY STORIES (AND PARTS THEREOF) ARE GIVEN TO NIFTY AND ONLY little preteens bikini NIFTY FOR DISTIBUTION AS THEY WISH.......... IF YOU WANT TO porn gallerys preteen USE ONE OR TWO ON YOUR OWN HOME PAGE (OR WHATEVER) PLEASE ASK ME DIRECTLY.Enjoy. If you have spare please donate a little cash to NIFTY. Keep NIFTY free and keep NIFTY alive.Being stuck with computers all over the place and Hard Drives in disarray I'm trying to get sorted out. preteen pedo gallery So, regular readers, please bear with me for a while. If anyone has a copy of 'Cutterland Mk 8' which is my version of the Nifty List of preteen breasts photos my work (but more detailed) I'd appreciate as I'm trying to collect all my own stuff in one file. Yeah... I know, I should have kept copies.This one came to me after watching some old Malcolm in the Middles. I read my old original and then realised it cried out for a Part 2.New Email: GCutter66gmail.comREECE AND DEWEY Part Two by G. Cutter 'Jesus. How long have free preteen photobook you been here?' Reece flung himself away from Dewey, Dewey lay there in all his well fucked glory relishing the look of horror on Reece's face and the look of smug satisfaction on Malcolm's.Long enough bro,' Malcolm laughed. 'Don't worry, I've seen you naked before.' He laughed again. He had indeed seen both Reece and Dewey in the raw before but never fucking each other. He'd had some suspicions of Dewey with his little friends huddling in corners together but never in a thousand years had he preteens rusas ever thought of his dim and sometimes quite manic brother Reece, of being anything other than completely non sexual. From what he'd observed he'd just seen Reece's well hidden side, the tender and caring side. The important thing his keen mind had grasped immediately was that his two brothers has enjoyed what they had done, it wasn't just a frenzied and hormone induced coupling, there had been some real lover there. Amazing, especially bearing in mind the age gap between the two, Dewey's tender years and Reece's normally homicidal attitude.'Whatcha going to do, Malcolm?' Dewey's voice shook and he wiped away a tear, the poor tyke was a bundle of nerves and Malcolm felt something inside blossom and swell and it wasn't his penis... that had blossomed already. This was chunky preteen angels in his mind. His two brothers were at his mercy, the smooth kid on the bed and the teenager glaring at him in anger were both his. Dewey's twitching three incher and Reece's now flaccid manlike six were his and that wasn't even considering a small boy bottom and Reece's well muscled teenage butt. uncensored preteen models His and only his for the taking.'Dunno,' Malcolm flopped onto Dewey's bed which was part and parcel of the three beds that were basically moulded into one.'You could blackmail us,' Reece sneered reverting to his normal self now he's been caught in the act.'I never thought about that,' Malcolm said trying not to sound sarcastic. He knew he had them both by the balls but how to get what he wanted without creating bad feeling. He picked the weakest link and the one that would be happiest with his opening. 'I get to make love to my little brother first,' he smiled down at the tearful cherub on the bed and Dewey smirked back. His little mind whirred, two bigger brothers in one afternoon, he could put them on some sort of a roster for doing him at nights. God, his pals would be green with envy. nude model preteen Little Chuck Norton down the street was always sticking up for Reece and saying what a hero he was. A private showing of Chucky and Reece flashed through his mind conflicting with the thoughts of Malcolm's stiff meat inside him slipping in on a coating of Reece's teenage spunk.'And second?' Reece asked and grinned. The fact that Malcolm was going to fuck Dewey took most of the stress out of the situation, where he fitted in was something else but doubtless it involved he and Malcolm doing something. That didn't fuss him, Dewey would be the only witness and Dewey was now virtually his love slave.'You and I do it tonight when they're asleep.' By them, girl hot preteen Malcolm meant his parents quite obviously.'What you fuck me?' Reece laughed. 'Some hope.''We do each other,' Malcolm softened the blow. 'Brotherly love you might say.''I'll have to think about it,' Reece wavered. The prospect of ploughing Malcolm's sweet furrow was quite exciting but having the child genius inside him was another thing. Then again he was about to have very preteens a preteen model collection preview, wasn't he?''Do that,' Malcolm grinned, he knew he had Reece by his soft and silken pubes and Reece knew it as well. Malcolm moved over on the bed and grabbed Dewey's ankle dragging the boy closer. Reece did a hurried shuffle backwards eager to watch the action.'Ooooow, Malcolm.' Dewey giggled as he felt himself being drawn across the bed and then Malcolm's thin and surprisingly strong arms encircled him dragging into an embrace. 'You gotta kiss me, Reece did.''No probs,' Malcolm grinned and forcing the smaller boy flat lurched over him and their lips met in the first of many sweet kisses. He preteen bbs erotica pushed his shorts down at the front coaxing Dewey's hand inside not that it took too much coaxing. Dewey giggled as he felt the hot hardness and it was slippery already, Malcolm had a serious leakage black preteen vegina problem. As Reece avidly watched and handled his reawakening cock Dewey and Malcom went into a frenzied struggle and then Malcolm was naked as was Dewey. Dewey struggled around on the bed and although beginning to feel preteen porn comics tired he made snapping motions with his teeth until Malcolm submitted allowing the boy's mouth to encircle his jerking flesh. He for his part took in Dewey's shrunken noodle bringing it back to life. They had, without even thinking about it, assumed the famous 69er... and Reece was watching and learning (which was hard for him). He was tempted to go for Malcolm's smooth arse waving around in preteen underwear com the breeze but held off, he wanted to see Dewey get opened up first even if it was the boy's second time in one afternoon. Once that happened Malcolm was commited and the playing field would be level. To forbiden preteen galliries be fair to Reece, for once wasn't in his cretinous mode, he was more in a lover mode and wanted to give the other two as much satisfaction as he expected for himself. The three of them would make a good combo an unstoppable nude legal preteens combination.As Malcolm manhandled Dewey around he managed to locate the boy's pucker still relaxed from Reece's assault and slipped a finger inside his kid brother's still tight boy fanny . Dewey freaked, whimpering and pushing back onto Malcolm's probes. Reece grinned Malcom's respectable five incher or whatever was oozing a long clear thread of precum . 'Go on, Malcolm, you're ready,' he whispered gently stroking his brother's smooth butt - a butt that was going to be his before the day was out. 'Go on!' He repeated.'Yeah, do it, Malc. Do it,' Dewey tore himself free of their embrace and lay back with his skinny legs up and his knees tucked upto his chest. Malcolm grinned and almost salivated as he saw Dewey's puffed up red pucker still oozing the faintest dribble lollipop preteen porn of Reece's thick creamy spunk. He rubbed his swollen glans across the weakened muscle and gently pushed.Dewey wailed as he felt his brother enter him and keep going. Malcolm slipped inside with one long and remorseless thrust and then started to fuck. He felt Dewey's thin arms preteen cute sex and legs clamp around him and the delicious tightness of the recently virgin boy clamp on his moving organ as he slowly and lovingly serviced the child. He had to think about it all the same, Dewey wasn't that much of a child in spite of his ways and his lack of stature, he'd already cum and that in itself was unusual for a boy of his tender years. They must be preteen adolesent boys an oversexed family Malcom decided as he gently took Dewey and himself all the way.Reece watching felt nonude galleries preteen his hardness begin to itch and get even harder at the sight off Malcom's smooth butt bobbing up and down and the sight of Dewey's ring stretched around Malcolm's slender cock was too much to bear. Kneeling up he started to wank himself right alongside Dewey's ebony preteen nudists face and the boy reached out dragging Reece by his erection even closer.Dewey giggle with pure pleasure, two of his older brothers in the same afternoon. Malcolm was preteen lycra in him giving him the buzz of the century and Reece's big cock was inches away from his mouth. With a superhuman struggle he managed to get his mouth onto Reece's meat and then relaxed as dopey Reece got the idea preteens in thongss and slowly and gently face fucked as Malcolm tended the rear.Both the older brothers seemed to cum at the same time and Dewey gagged and spluttered as he felt his mouth full of Reece's cum and then felt the surge and pumping in his gut as Malcolm spend his load into tight darkness. preteen nonude maxwell The older very preteen porno boys fell free from the giggling and delighted Dewey as he lay there with his back end oozing a mixture of two cums and his cheeks and jaw slippery and sticky from Reece's enthusiastic splat.'Gawd, that was nonnude preteen free kewl,' Malcolm lay exhausted on his back absolutely drained. He'd dreamt of losing his virginity and usually with one of the girlsat school but never with one of his own brothers but it was done now and it had been fantastic. All quiet and all in the family. He gasped and opened his eyes as he felt a heavy form rest on him and a sticky softness press against his groin. 'Hi, bud,' he opened his eyes to see Reece's grinning face inches away.'Hi,' Reece smiled and Malcolm thought for the first time ever what a good looking kid he was. Gone the manic glare, the pouty and sulky bratlike expression, just shining top sex preteens eyes and sweet lips that met his. 'Us tonight,' Reece grinned his tongue pressing against Malcolm's teeth demanding entry.'Yeah,' Malcom returned the smile breathlessly and opened his mouth to admit Reece's tongue. His hands ran up and down his brother's firm butt and he ground upwards raped preteen pictures against Reece's movements.'And me, and me,' Dewey giggled as he clambered over and lay on Reece's back with his stiff little dicklet fitting neatly into his brother's crack. He grinned, he'd moved from being the dog's body of the brotherhood to being a star, and a desired star at that. He had something they wanted, they'd had a sample and they'r be back for more. 'I gotta do somebody tonight,' he muttered.Reece and Malcolm ignored him, they were enjoying their first but probably not their last brotherly kiss.The evening passed as most family events did, some bickering, some arguing but even Lois suspected something was up.'What are you three upto?' She fixed Reece as the normal troublemaker with her eagle eye. 'Something's going on, Hal.' She looked at her husband. 'Stop playing with your food,' she snarled.'Oh, leave them alone, Lois,' Hal grinned vacantly. 'They cleaned their room up this afternoon.''They did?' Lois looked suspiciously at the three boys. Her nose twitched. 'There's something not right here.''Aw, Jeez, mom.' Reece whined.'Watch your language, young man. Come to think of it, watch everything because I'll be watching you.'Malcolm and Dewey grinned, it seemed Reece, as usual, had drawn the heat.'And you two,' Lois added. For the boys the evening seemed to drag and there was more squabbling but in the end the appointed time arrived. Dewey was always the first into bed and tonight was no exception only this night he'd been given a mission and that was to steal the hand cream from the bathroom, he managed this on his final toilet call, his mother had bathed and wouldn't be needing it again that evening. The Three Musketeers as they'd been called had a better use for it. As far as Dewey was concerned it was his own nude preteens galleries very private real life show and he wouldn't miss it for the world. His pal Bobby Cass had two brothers of sixteen and fifteen and had insisted that both had buggered him at the same time and cambodian preteen sex described it in minute and intimate detail. Dewey found the whole story a bit hard to swallow but Bobby had dropped his jeans in their private meeting spot and exposed his little boy bottom and his pucker sure had looked puffy and red. Dewey neuken preteens wondered and thought on it, what if...?Malcolm and Reece were sent to bed at the same time which was ten o'clock, they knew their parents hit the sack an hour later accurate almost to preteen nude pitcures the second. The neighbourhood wasn't what you'd call lively and their houshold in spite of containing three hyper active boys was one of the quietest, at least, it was tonight.'Make your move, Malcolm,' Reece lay back on his bed stripped down to his briefs, his mansize organ was clearly on display through the thin material. He preteen nude twelve squeezed it suggestively. 'All yours.''And Dewey's,' Malcolm sneered. 'Midnight's the time, let them get to bed first.''I'm nearly asleep already,' Dewey piped up fiddling with the crotch of his Spideys.'We'll wake you,' Reece muttered and then surprisingly leant over in the bed and kissed his kid brother on the lips. 'Sleep for a while,' he whispered.'Nite, nite,' Dewey closed his eyes and curled up in a ball, the older brothers grinned at each other and prepared the room. The windows were locked and the curtains drawn but they left the door unlocked in case either or both their parents popped into say goodnight. The upright chair alongsdie the door would be rammed under the doorknob as soon as they heard Lois and Hal go to their room, a half hour wait and the action would begin. Malcolm looked at Reece and Reece returned the stare. 'Later,' they both mouthed and slipped into their own beds. This didn't make a lot of difference as their beds were almost side by side and they lay in pure preteen nudes the bedroom gloom staring at each other with gleaming eyes.'Nice and gentle tonight,' Reece whispered.'Yeah,' Malcolm grinned agreement and reached out under the bedding to meet Reece's hand also on the move. 'Move candy preteen nude in a bit.'They both lay in the dark covered in their bedding grasping each others erections for the very first time ever. This was more like it, preteen real dolls they both sighed in satisfaction, they're reached a nub or a crux in their juvenile relationship, things would be a lot different for the years to come. They were about to cross a threshold whether for bad or good, neither knew and neither cared.'Good night boys... no noise,' Lois' voice came through the czech preteen gallery door followed by a mumble from Hal. That was it. Malcolm leapt from his bed and rammed the chair under the doorknob and tested it - Yeah, nice and solid. He ran back to the bed and leapt, this time it was Reece's bed and his brother welcomed him with open arms. 'Mmmm...' Their lips met and their stiff cocks ground together. neither of them took in the irony that if anyone had suggested this twenty four hours previously they would have killed them. The point was that time was in the past and this was the present.'Love your ass,' Reece snickered grasping Malcoml's firm buns as the younger boy ground into him. 'Nice.''Yeah,' Dewey's treble spoke in the dark and Malcolm flinched as he felt the runt of the family glued to his back and the boy's stiffy nestle into his crack.'Dewey,' he protested. 'You get a go later.''Can I put preteen sexcams the stuff on?' Dewey whispered and to Malcolm's horror (and delight) he felt his ukainian angels preteen kid brother slip down the bed and then his lips and then his tongue on his rounded bottom. Dewey was a budding perv.'Yeah, do your stuff, you can be the Lube and Warm Up Boy,' Reece spoke and he sounded strange. 'Malcolm is doing me first.'Malcolm was shocked, he'd expected Reece to try a stunt of some sort even an outright refusal to take his turn as the bottom but his brother had come through. He'd even volunteered to be the first victim if victim was the word.'Really?' Dewey squeaked as much surprised as Malcolm.'Yeah,' Reece was excited. He'd thought preteen model taylor of a way to keep Dewey happy as well. 'Oil up my a-hole and do Malcolm's dick.''Hey, did I tell you about Bobby Cass,' Dewey spluttered with excitement.'Later, Dewey,' Reece and Malcolm spoke as one. A running order had been established without argument and that in itself was a miracle, they both wanted to get on with it, it was fun time and Dewey's babble could wait. They both intended serving Dewey before the night was out so he wouldn't go wanting. 'Get on with it, preteen models mooning Dewey,' Reece spoke nervously he was fully aware preteen photo gallery that Dewey could messup on the most simple of tasks but he lay on his belly and spread his legs.'You mean..?' Dewey squeaked.'You have your mission,' Malcolm spoke in a Mission Impossible voice and lay down alongside his older brother only on his back with his five inches of boycock jutting up onto his flat belly.'Whee,' Dewey giggled and knelt between them and scooped some of the white cream onto his fingers, the last time he'd given Reece the finger he'd got himself a slap around the head, this time he was really giving his big bro the finger and Reece just flinched and then gave a stifled groan of pleasure. Dewey grinned and made little circular motions feeling Reece's back door loosen and then Reece began to push his butt up onto the slippery probes. Dewey giggled hot preteens pedo again and was told to hush it by Malcolm but Malcolm soon fell silent as he felt a small oily fist grasp his ragingly hard erection and slowly start to wank up and down.'Do it, Malcolm,' Reece muttered and opened his legs wider. Malcolm pushed Dewey out of the way and knelt between his brother's legs guiding his oiled and now oozing spike downwards. Reece flinched and tensed but relaxed when Malcolm kissed the back of his neck. sexy preteen model 'Take it easy, kid,' Reece mumbled and lay still.Malcolm couldn't believe it, he'd always thought of Reece as a slob and worse still as a bully but here was his nightmare laying below him almost begging for a good fucking. He slipped candid naked preteens his five inches of stiff meat between Reece's buns and locating his brother's well oiled pucker gently pushed in. Reece gasped and clutched the pillow but Malcolm was preteen charming angels in and gradually sinking in deeper. He nuzzled at Reece's neck and Reece grinned. This was kid's stuff, he clamped on Malcolm as Malcolm began to move in and out sinking deeper and deeper into the supine body beneath.'Jeez, this is so good.' Malcolm whispered.'You're supposed to say: 'Reece, you are hairless cuties preteens so good',' Reece giggled pushing up fresh preteen porn onto his brother as his top started to move faster and dig deeper. 'Go for it,' he growled pushing his butt up into Malcolm's thrusts. Malcolm did. He preteen ******** nude was delighted to see and feel Reece so co-operative and began to fuck for real. Holding his weight off and with his forearms either side of Reece's torso he began to piston in and out munching the back of Reece's neck and then strain for his lips as Reece tried to crane his head around.'Go on, go on,' Dewey whispered inches away watching one brother lunge in and out of the other, he could just about see Malcolm's oiled flesh going in and out and gently stroked Malcolm's bobbing bottom. He was as hard as a spike himself and held himself in perfects nude preteens check. He was going to have them both later and then he'd have something to brag to Chucky Norton and Bobby Cass about. His brothers didn't know love preteens nude but Dewey also had plans and it involved both of them and at the same time.'Ah, Reece...' Malcolm moaned and rammed in deep and hard for the last time. His achingly hard erection seemed to swell and then the burning relief of the hot squirts and and the easing as he spent his cum up deep coating Reese's inside with thick white youthful spunk. 'Gawd,' he moaned and lay on his brother belly to back and gave little digs into Reece's cum flooded ass. 'Jeez.''Hey, you cum like a donkey,' Reece mumbled and craned preteen rika pics his head this time finding Malcolm's eager lips. 'I am so going to enjoy fucking you.''And me, and me,' Dewey gabbled.'Keep it quiet,' Malcolm hissed and slid free in a gush of spunk shoving one xtreme preteenies porn of Dewey's discarded t-shirts between Reece's thighs. Dewey was on the ball however filipino preteen pics and even before Malcolm had disengaged he felt oily finger at his hole and Dewey's little fingers horny thai preteen were in him. He relaxed with his softening penis pressed into the bedding and Dewey's fingers busy at his hole.'This Bobby Cass...' Dewey whispered urgenrtly.'Go on then,' Reece lay back idly fondling his own erection. He wasn't in a hurry, he knew he was bigger that Malcolm in all departments and was willing to wait whilst Dewey did the pre op.'Bobby's very youngest preteens two brothers are fifteen and sixteen,' Dewey gabbled quickly whilst he had their attention. The bigger one, Joe lays on his back and Bobby sits on it, he bends forward and the smaller one Chris slips up and plugs him as well. He has two in him at the same time.''Rubbish,' Reece snorted. 'They'd split the kid, I've seen that Bobby, he's tiny and Joe's a Senior, he's a big guy.''They do, Bobby told me,' Dewey insisted.'Could happen,' Malcolm looked at Reece in the darkness. 'It's just a matter of positioning.''And how far Bobby's hole stretches,' Reece snorted but he was interested. It was a challenge and if brainy Malcolm thought it was possble then so be it. It also sounded the ultimate in pervery, both of then shagging the preteen panty ass midget at the same tiime and better still Dewey himself had suggested it. 'Wanna give it a go, Dewey?''Yeah,' Dewey fed two fingers into Malcolm's well lubricated hole and grasped Reece's hot hardness. God, Bobby would be so jealous, both Reece and Malcolm were smaller bodily than Bobby's brothers and must have smaller dicks but they were a damn sight better looking.'Do me from the front and be careful,' Malcolm said quietly and lay on his back taking his knees upto his narrow chest.'Oh, My Gawd,' Reece breathed not quite believing his luck. Malcolm wanted it face to face just like regular sex, he could look into his brother's eyes or what he could see of them in the gloom but he could also stick his tongue right down Malcom's throat as he was fucking... heaven. russian preteen photosd Shagerooni time. Locating Malcolm's slick rosebud by feel he was aware of Dewey peering in the near dark as he pushed in opening Malcolm up like Dewey's fingers had only his dick was a damn sight bigger. As Malcolm groaned his legs wrapped around his bigger brother and the recently virgin Reece imagined this would be as a girl was, from the front, slick and tight and loving. He missed the preteen cindy obvious breasts but he wasn't a stickler for detail and he was happy with Malcolm's tight boy cunt, tits or no tits. As he sank into the welcoming warmth and tightness he bent into kiss and felt Malcolm's arms reach out and hug him.'Nice and hard, Reece,' Malcolm muttered quietly. fucking child preteen The message was clearly for Reece's ears only and not for the Dewdrop's. 'Fuck me hard.''You got it, bro,' Reece grinned in the dark as he began to bang away and this was a bang not a gentle fuck. Malcolm wanted it hard and fast and Reece was the boy for that sort of thing. He hammered and pounded into his smaller brother and delighted at Malcolm squirming beneath him and clinging to him like a child. Dewey's eyes were wide with absolute delight, he's seen gentle and loving sex and now he was seeing free preteen list the rougher version, truly a night to be treasured in his boyish mind. At least they would be both pretty worn out when they came to him and he was still firmly intent on taking them both at the same time. He moved in stroking Rece's flanks as the oldest boy moved in and out. Dewey loved boy's bums and espcially his two brother's, so smooth, so firm and so kissable. God, his little pecker was so hard it was actually slippery and as sore as hell, he began to wank away at himself in the dark.'Don't waste it.' He heard Reece mutter. 'We'll drink what preteens nylon feet you've got before we fuck you... right Malc?''Right,' Malcolm grunted. 'Harder, you bastard.'Dewey heard Reece preteen adolecent giggle and then it was all over.'Jeez...Malc,' Reece moaned and there was silence as Reece sweatily slapped in for the last rtime and stayed rammed up deep into his brother's butt gouting and splashing a massive load of boy juice deep into Malcolm's well battered gut. Malcolm was frazzled, he lay in the dark with one of his rare smiles and clenched and eased as he felt video porno preteen Reece's big cock offload a massive load of creamy spunk into his little hole and it actually trickled down onto his tailbone. Reece, for once, had done well. It was nice to know he was good for something even if only for forbidden preteen cartoons shagging boys.'My turn, my turn,' Dewey squealed as he saw the action end. This was his big moment and he was about to become a star. The thought of huddling with his little friends and boasting of taking both Malcolm and Reece together was overwhelming, he'd be a hero. Reece was one of the school thugs but a lot of the little ones admired him and lusted after his lanky but well muscled body. russian preteen modeling One of the nine year olds had seen Reece flopping his cock around in the school toilets and hadn't stopped talking about if for weeks. Dewey had his story of Reece and Reece's hot loving to preteen models pool tell but the tale of both of them at one time would go down in history. He was a bit scared but didn't believe either of his brothers would willing hurt him at least not now. Thinking evil; he had the ultimate blackmail weapon preteen korean pics like the H Bomb and it was between his legs. One sore bum and a visit to the school doctor and all hell would break loose. He banished the thought but was determined that his once time tormentors and now lovers would satisfy his needs.He hadn't stressed the point that he wanted to get into lia pre teenmodel them both but that would wait, maybe one at a time in privacy was nicer. His mind was in a whirl when he felt himself preteen angel gallery being dragged inbetween warm bodies and then some kissing and fumbling.'How do we do this,' Reece muttered and Dewey was deleighted to feel that in spite of his recent exertions his bigger brother was nearly rock solid again.'We've got to loosen him up big time and I mean big time,' Malcolm muttered. 'He's got a big mouth but he is black preteens fucked a little boy after all.''Shurrup,' Dewey giggled and tropical preteen model felt his little dick strain so hard that it was sore. He had to squirt and pretty soon.'OK, Dewdrop, it starts here,' Reece's lips came down and Dewey spluttered as he felt Reece's tongue in his mouth and then strong hands cup his buns... and spread them. 'Go on Malc,' Reece whispered.Dewey flinched and jerked as he felt two oily fingers penetrate him and dig deep. This was uber loosening, not just a tickle and a smear but a heavy in and out and a real stirring, a circular motion that really stretched and softened the muscle and it wasn't even sore when he felt three fingers up inside his pucker.'My models preteen tgp go, I've got bigger fingers,' Reece giggled softly. Dewey squirmed as Malcolm withdrew and Reece's bigger hand came into play.'Ow!' Dewey felt pain at last.'Ssshh,' Malcolm hissed and Reece chucked softly. Dewey felt so stretched he felt his gut was going to drop out.'This is the one before fisting,' Reece whispered. 'I've got four fingers in you now.''Wow, what's fisting?' Dewey brushed a tear from his eye, perhaps this wasn't such a good idea after all but there was no going back now. 'Am I ready?''As you'll ever be,' Malcolm informed him and took charge. 'I'd better lay on the bottom on my back and Dewey can face me and slide down onto mine... then Reece has to get in.''How do I do that?' Reece was still trying to visualise the positions.'Easy,' Malcolm sounded confident then again he wasn't trying to take two cocks at the same time. 'You come down on me as if you're trying to put it between my legs but Dewey's there... think about it.''I'm trying,' Reece still seemed befuddled but he was wanking again, the chat had got him going and the thought of having his free preteen nonudes hardness in the preteen candid cuties same hole as Malcolm's was a supreme turn on.'I'm ready,' Dewey muttered sounding far from confident.'Tell us to stop if you want to and we will,' Malcolm spoke. 'No point in getting hurt just to set a record. We can always do you one at a time.''Tomorrow,' Dewey giggled and forbiden preteen sex pushed Malcolm flat onto the centre bed and knelt astride Malcolm's undeveloped chest with his waving stiffness inches from his brother's mouth. Reaching preteen model series to his rear he grasped Malcolm's still slippery cock and lined it up. He had a moment of doubt and jiggled himself back until he felt Malcom's oiled glans nudge upto his well stretched pucker and pushed back. He groaned but just to nonnude preteens pics keep Malcolm happy, having taken Reece and Malcolm already that day he amateur preteen prostitutes didn't have any trouble with Malcolm's smaller erection for the second time. All the same he enjoyed it and as he sank lower and lower absorbing Malcolm's heat he began to bob up and down savouring the stiff meat inside his gut. God, Bobby would be so jealous, Dewey was convinced Bobby living down the road had a crush on the slight and bookish Malcolm. Whatever turns you one, he thought remembering Reece's big dick and loving. He had to have more or Reece and he was going to, he felt the older boy's hands on his hips.'You've got to bend right onto me, lay belly to belly but don't let my thing slip out.''OK,' Dewey grinned and lay forward to meet Malcolm's lips and they lazily kissed as Malcolm reached down spreading Dewey's cheeks even further.Reece had his torch out and studied Dewey's tight little pucker wrapped around Malcolm's slowly moving meat and wondered how the hell he was supposed the hottest preteen pic get his rampant erection in the same hole. Holding the torch steady and reaching out with the other hand he slid one finger from Malcolm's tight balls up the hard shaft upto where it joined Dewey's body. Much to his surprise his finger slid inside the boy with just a little effort although Dewey gave a dramatic groan. It was loose enough Reece decided and sorted out getting his legs right. In the end he got right on the inside stretching Dewey's legs even further and without any hanging about he slipped his well oiled cock along the track his finger had taken.'Take it easy, take it easy,' Dewey bleated and hugged Malcolm in desperation and then came the pain. He felt his shriek absorbed by Malcolm's mouth and then the incredible sensation as his pucker stretched so far it must have been at breaking point. The amazing thing was the pain abated as preteen nudegirls Reece pushed in on Malcolm's slippery cock and they both made their initial moves. 'Ooooo... er,' Dewey tried to push back and felt more of the meaty mass fill his gut. Hr'e done it, he had two boy cocks in his previously virgin boy cunt. All done in twenty four hours, virgin to hooker in one easy stage, he giggled at the thought.'Incredible,' Malcolm grunted as he felt the two weights on him moving, Dewey's preteen sexual fantasies cocklet was slipping up and down between their bellies but the sensation of Reece's hardness mashing against black angels preteens his preteen xxs innocent in the tight tunnel of Dewey's back end was sensational. He pushed up to feel Reese push gainst him... Dewey warbled but he dragged the kid's face down to his again. Then it began, slowly at images preteen girls first and with Reese doing most of the work and Dewey doing most of the stretching. 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Reese just lay there and relaxed, there was no school tomorrow, he may as well lay there and watch by torchlight, it was a damn sight better than one of dad's videos THE END Sorry I'm a bit limp on US youthspeak and attitudes but this one really cried out for an
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